its my first visit at the gynae today. hubby wasn't with me because he couldnt make it and to fit his schedule and the doc's would mean I can only see the gynae next month. I couldnt wait so I came alone.

here's my little bean.

6 weeks, with a tiny heartbeat, and a valentine's day present with edd 14 Feb. 4 days late of being a dragon baby. oh wells.

man. I thought I could handle the visit myself but second time round is as nerve wrecking as the first. I freaked out when doc was trying to get a scan and couldn't see any. then he found it (harder cos I had an empty bladder) but couldnt detect the heartbeat. I freaked out, mainly because I wasn't feeling as great as the first pregnacy and kept having sharp pains on my left side. he finally found the heartbeat with a probe so I sighed with relief.

now, I sit in mos burger by myself, trying to get a grip of the situation and calm myself down with a cold drink and some fries.

yes. cold drink. the weather is so freaking hot!