i’m starting to feel a little hungry but i am willing myself against picking up something to munch/eat. all in vanity sake.

a day has passed and while i enjoyed my me-time, the day does feel a little empty without the boy around (to irritate me).

i have decided to irritate him with more local fare on my blog for him to drool on.

our crystal jade lunch on saturday afternoon.

his 油鸡 & 叉烧饭 and my roast pork and carrot cake. missed my favourite egg tarts because they were out of stock.

on a totally irrelevant note, been thinking about the job for a while and maybe it is turning me into quite a hermit. have some thoughts in my mind and hopefully i can nail it down and turn it into an action soon.

okie. bedtime. nights love. i know you’ll be reading this when u get back to the hotel.

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