urgh. watching the clock and it ticking closer to midnight, i am sad to announce that my holidays stress-free days are over. it’s back to the office tomorrow.

chatted with kenties earlier in the evening and he said i seemed to be in a good mood today. he’s not exactly right, but i think i am more relaxed because i have no work to rush. there is, but till now, i am still unwilling to log into my office webmail. that could wait when im back tomorrow since my colleagues already updated me that there is nothing much that’s so important that couldn’t wait.

there is a lot of photos waiting to be sorted out, but im too lazy to do it now. spent the day sleeping in and heading off to nikon service centre (yes, u heard it right. my charger died in under 7 days!), and then going for a nice dinner with der at singapore flying club.

simple, blissful day.. and the madness begins again tomorrow.

i want to go on leave AGAIN!!

anyway, i’m quite surprised that i didnt buy a lot of junk on this trip. all i bought was 3 pairs of nine west heels and 3 bags (nine west, agnes b and marc jacobs). well, i almost..almost came home with a prada, miu miu and burberrys. well. der had to stop me because the prada and burberrys was too ex (in his opinion), the miu miu would be a better buy in milan when he goes in august. so.. i bade them goodbye and came home a good girl. errm.. together with some cheap dresses from hk and cheap shorts from taiwan that cost me less than $150 in total. not very extravagant right?!


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