wakeboarding. it’s been years? last weekend, i headed towards the familiar territory of punggol marina once again, and i managed to drag der along with me!

the idea just sparked off in one of our chats when i went drinking one saturday with andy and cindy. i can’t remember what we were saying and someone mentioned wakeboarding.. and turns out, the 3 of us used to ride. i miss the waters. i deliberately it stay out of it for an entire year last year for some safety reasons, and now, i’m just glad that i found people to go back for it.

it was a beautiful saturday morning and i was so excited, i woke up at 7am to prepare picnic basket filled with tuna/egg mayo/ham & chz sandwiches, apples, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, bananas and potato chips.

we started late, because i was late (from preparing the feast), and everyone else was late too. 😛

and ya, we had a whole morning of good weather, hot sun, nice munches, hearty chats, some sea water as drinks and basked in the sun soaked in suntan oil.

it was der’s first time and i must say.. i am really really proud of him! he got up onto the board after a few tries, managed to keep in the wake, ride out the wake, and ride back into the wake. wow. wow. wow. i must really applaud him for being so gungho and having a fantastic sense of balance!

andy, the “yan dao”(haha!) in action.

cindy, looking stern the whole time…

my baby’s virgin attempt at riding…

and that’s me, feeling rusty all over..

and other random shots taken in mischief while spending 4 hours on the boat..

the most interesting thing that happened amongst all my wakeboarding trip has got to be this –> POLICE CHECK!

imagine them asking you for your ic while you are in your bikinis… and cindy don’t have her ic with her, so we told the police that she’s an illegal immigrant and they can take her away. HAHAHA.

View the rest of the pictures here

and oh, when we were heading back to the shore.. the skies turned dark and when we were out from the showers, the sky started throwing big pellets of raindrops at us. and i thought it was a fine day.

the rest of the day saw 4 hungry ghosts going around looking for food and settling for park lane fried wantan noodles, and 2 extra bowl of fried wantans.. with silky soft rocher beancurd as desserts.

phew! like finally. took me 2 hrs to finish typing + linking the pictures up.

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