cindy brought me to this bak ku teh place while i was in the region sending my nikon camera for repair. and yes, all these food is shared by just the 2 of us – how NOT to overeat?

i admit, i am the greedy one.

i like my bak ku teh to be a little on the herby side rather than the peppery side and this happens to be the peppery type. i don’t know how to rate it since it’s not to my preference but i guess it’s passable judging the amount of people eating there.

after much researching, i think it’s called Ya Hua Bak Ku Teh. (errm, yes.. i dont need to know the name of the place. who cares so long i know how to get there!)

it opens till 4am every day except mondays and i told der that i’ll bring him there for supper some day! lunch is too hot for me. for the 2 times i was there.. my clothes were soaked.

but anyway, other than just exposing der to it, i doubt i’ll be back again because the taste isnt really to my preference.

on a side note, i realised i sweat a lot these days and my clothes almost get soaked during lunch time… makes me feel like heading for a bath in the office gym..

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