it’s friday! last day of the week! and i’m home, on the net at 7.26pm!

think it’s not life? I’m darn happy! for the longest time i haven’t gotten home via the train when the sky was bright. for the longest time, i lay in my bed without a woe about work. i haven’t read a story for the longest time.. and today, i finally picked up a book to read.

i am getting my life back!!! but not for long. oh wells. better enjoy it now before it’s gone. so, the plans for the evening is to read my book, just chill in my room.. maybe go for a job in the night to burn off some fats. haven’t been jogging for ages already.

and then.. in the perfect senario, it is to play mahjong. unfortunately, there is no one who is no-life enough to want to play mahjong with me on a friday night. actually, truth is.. i havent asked many people.

well. staying at home to chill is cool too. okie. off to read my book!

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