On my recent trip to the US, I bought so much stuff for the baby, it’s quite unimaginable. Enough to burst my credit limit on my card on top of my own buys (which isn’t a lot). I haven’t gotten round to blogging about it (soon! soon! I know I say this too often) but here’s something that I bought and thought it to be really cute.

Not talking about the baby food but the huggies little movers diapers!

It’s not available here for now, and it’s says limited edition in the box.

It’s a printed-jeans diaper from huggies. I’m a mummy poko fan, but this was tooo cute to resist. Besides, Jerry almost always wear diapers out and wear the cloth ones at home so this is perfect, especially since I had a hard time finding nice, small little shorts to fit him at this age.

He just wears it, and a t-shirt and we are ready to roam the streets!

It even has a ‘leather tag’ at the back of the diaper like our usual jeans.

Another shot of him in it.

Gotta thank my aunt for lugging this back for me though cos my luggage was so packed & overweight, there is absolutely no way I could bring it back.

p.s. The diaper is a wee bit too big for Jerry at this point but I guess he’ll soon grow into it!

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