Private joke between the husband and me. We have gotten round to addressing our son as Richie Choo instead of Jerry Choo.

He has amassed quite a fortune ever since he was born and the amount of gifts we have received since his birth has been pilling at one corner of my room and almost taking up all the walking space that’s available. I have no clue how to clear them and no space to store them! While some of the stuff won’t be useful till he’s older, the rest of the stuff we don’t really need so it’s quite a headache! Sigh.

Anyway, Jerry got his first piece of jewellery (gold ones no less) from his maternal great grandpa (yes, the one that he stole the limelight from) for his full month. The necklace is too long for him right now and rather hazardous (I have a fear it will strangle him), and he can probably wear it when he is a few years old. Nonetheless, this is the most expensive gift we have received thus far, especially since the gold prices are at a rocket high now!

Hmm. Dear Richie Choo, would you share your fortune with mama and buy me a Chanel bag for my coming birthday?!

I am joking! Mama will be happy if you grow well, drink well, cry less, fuss less and sleep well!

I love you baby!

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