i meant yesterday.

well, i guess it’s partially due to my negligence on maintaining my weight. I broke my office chair! there is still 17 more days to go at work before the grand shift and i managed to break the chair with a loud thud and the chair gave out a loud creak.

and it went all wobbly after that. thankfully, there’s an empty chair nearby since my colleague left recently.

that’s ONE.

TWO. i had birds stealing pecking on my food! i was at the hawker for lunch and when i turned my back to order myself a drink, the birds hopped onto the table and eat my food!

i had to go buy an extra portion and throw everything away (what a waste right?!). i contemplated in eating but both der and cindy say i shouldn’t save $3 and waste $30 seeing the doc.

quite true, but i really wanted to eat that vegetarian beehoon and when i went to buy the second portion, it was sold out and the aunty only offered half the original portion of what i had.

i ended up being really hungry after the meal. =(

see, suay right?!

on the health side, my cough has NOT been getting any better but i also haven’t been religiously eating my medication on time. today, i was coughing and as a result, am currently suffering a really really bad headache from it.

der say i should just rest more, so.. no more internet when i reach home later. ok. gotta go. i’m very hungry!

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