look at the time now. i know i should be in bed, nursing my getting-better-but-still-sickie bod. but what am i doing? blogging. blog reading. and stoning.

boo! i can’t believe i actually left the office at near midnight earlier. i wonder what happened to my resolution of leaving before 8.30pm? into the trash can, i reckon?

it’s really really a busy day. so much so that i almost cannot catch my breath and died of suffocation. :/ ok, that’s exaggeration, but sometimes, i really wonder.. am i really that slow? or maybe i am not suited for the job?

i wish i could just slap myself and stop my fingers from clicking and clicking and seeing things i shouldn’t see. i went to check out my own friendster profile earlier (yes, im narcissistic) and then it went on to some stranger that viewed me (i realised its my his friend!) and then one friend lead to another and it’s his pictures plastered everywhere. suddenly, i find myself in the friendster circle of his friends. urgh.

so cheerless is my day.

i must not forgot to count the happy things. they are the stuff that gets you through the tough days! ok. at least i came home on a wet and rainy night to drink my favourite home-cooked, piping hot salted vege soup with loads of tofu + tomato!

and i finally lugged all my christmas presents that has been crowding my tiny table for the last one week!

what else? Hmmm…… my morning did start with a little cheer from fio fio. she’s damn comical lor!

fio: (with a straight disgusted face) cher, i cannot believe it. someone actually gave me sanitary napkins for christmas present!
me: u sure?!
fio: ya! really! (takes napkin out to show me)
me: (busy with my screen but steal a glance) wah, that’s some present…
fio: ya lor! *sigh* nevermind lah, since she gave me.. i shall keep it and use it someday. it’s a new brand some more.. never use before..so i shall try.
me: ya. keep it and try lor.

(15 secs later…)

the thought just STRUCK me.
me: FIO!!! that’s not a sanitary napkin! it’s edible!
fio: u sure?! no! it’s napkin! how can it be edible?!
me: really! im sure its edible! u check it out???
fio: no lah! ok, i shall open it. You shall eat it ok?
me: …..
me: im sure its some sweet or something!
fio: (opens into a bag of marshmallow) omg! it’s really edible!

ok. i am NOT that clever. i just remembered seeing something similar somewhere. maybe someone blogged about it before. alrighty. it’s time to tuck myself into bed for the much needed rest.

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