i was estactic when i heard the news about jerry being able to be discharged. back home, i am struggling with sleep deprivation so bad.. i kinda wish i had the help of the nurses from the hospital and it isnt that tough.

it’s been madness since jerry’s home coming. he has loads and loads of medication and they are driving me nuts.

coupled that with no one else to help, i think i was a little on my wits’ end today.

for the record, here’s how the daily schedule is like for now.

4.30am – Nebuliser
5am – Medication for cough & running nose
8am – tablet for his asthma (i think)
10.30am – Nebuliser
1pm – medication for cough & running nose
4.30pm – nebuliser
8pm – tablet for asthma, tablet for phlegm
9pm – medication for cough & running nose
10.30pm – nebuliser


there isnt much window for me to get anything done at all, especially after i factor in the fact that jerry is very very hyper and has been skipping his afternoon naps and wakes up at 4am in the morning.

add milk preparation, food preparation, bathing, feeding, me expressing breastmilk and washing all the darn bottles and breast pump parts lying around, i feel totally spent.

i’ll be back at work tomorrow and i think things is just gonna get worse. i need to swallow some metal right now and turn myself into a robot.


meanwhile, im off to clear work emails because my mailbox burst. 🙁

are there times where you do feel like giving up everything that you are doing? I’m sure everyone feels and hits a bit of a rut sometimes.. i think im in one now. sleep deprivation makes one think funny.


oh. my blog skin is a bit in a mess but that’s the last of my concerns right now so please bear with it till i find the time to change it back to some decency.