and i am still typing away at my office desk. ok. I must admit there were 1.5 hours or so where i couldn’t concentrate at all and spent some time surfing around and doing christmas shopping online!

somehow, i tend to work a lot better at night and i am right awake!

i want to continue the momentum and keep typing away because i am the most productive right this moment. the office is quiet and calm, the rain is pitter pattering outside and making soothing music against the window panes. bliss. i love the office this way.

but but. the boy has already called several times and asked me when i am going to go home. =( and i do not want to lug my computer back home cos i think it’s a total waste of time.

1. i’ll go into lazing mode over the weekends and when i am in the comfort of my room, it just not conducive for work.
2. lugging my laptop back and fro on public transport is a chore and bad for my back/arms.
3. i have a wedding dinner to attend, have to make a trip to town to collect the wedding bands (yay! its finally ready) and go hotel shopping (again) in the next 2 days.

all that, minus the time for eating, sleeping, bathing and resting.. there’s not much left of the weekend huh?

i better go. if not, the phone might just ring again. have a good weekend people. i’m in an extremely good mood today!

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