It’s a wonder that I wake up earlier on weekends than weekdays and my mum has been wondering what I am up to that she don’t get to see me on weekends.

Saturday was just one really hot day. Popped over to sentosa for work. Had to take done pictures for an event happening and in a bid to stay out of the sun, I wore a hat! But the sun was strong and I couldn’t stay in the shade all the time because I needed to get in some action.

The result was ugly tan lines on top of those that I bagged during the krabi trip. Argh. Looks like I won’t be able to shed them before sept rolls along.

The boy went along and had a whale of time sub tanning and drinking iced cool beer. Total enjoyment.

The rest of the day was spent napping. Am too tired from the action of the day.

We got quite a bit of action done on Sunday too! We got down to painting our room! We bought the paint some time back but haven’t been able nail down a day to do it.

The painting was easy, but what tires me most is scrapping off the old paint from the window grills. Can only blame myself for being such a perfectionist. And here’s the before and after.

The before.

The after. Loving the room!

Now, time to shop for furniture. =)

Almost reaching my destination. Am out of office for another shoot today. Hope everyone have a great week!

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