I woke this morning, still reeling a little of e anger i felt over yesterday’s episode. If i had a choice, i’ll take off my heels and whack e other party hard.

But i didn’t. Instead, i did quite e opposite helping him in getting him his requests. Nevermind, it’s loads of unnecessary work. Nevermind the fact that i have a limited budget. I’ll play e hardworking and helpful role instead. I’m sure i’ll at least get some sympathy votes.

Yes. That’s me. E spiteful bitch. Surprised? Hello, nice to meet you. I’m e evil cherie.

It never pays to step on my toes. On e general, i complain a lot, but i never meant any harm. I don’t really bear grudges if i can help it. But once you do, you better get out of my sight before you die in my hands.

You know, one of my colleague told me this yesterday..”wah, who is it that can make you THAT anger?” i’m damn sure e whole office can feel my anger vibes the moment i came back to e office.


When my face hit e pillow last night, i broke into a loud wail. Sobbing non stop till i finally fell asleep. I don’t know what got to me, but i am literally damn sick of everything at this point of my life.

The energizer bunny in me died last night. There and then.

[mobile post on bus @ upper serangoon]