although I said in my earlier post that I won’t be doing self-pedicures for a while.. my chipped toe nails and my busy schedule at work changed that.


I couldnt stand my chipped toe polishes (and bare nails) and I couldnt find the time to book myself a pedicure session so I attempted to paint my toes again.


increasingly difficult feat. 

the dark knight.


I tried one of the new polishes that has been lying in my stash for a long long while (i still have many unused/unopened polishes!). 

closer shot.

I love the multi-coloured glitter of the polish but they don’t seemed to really show on the toes (far away from sight).

macro shot of my big toe. isn’t the colours lovely?


I reckon it would be a much prettier polish on fingers instead. I painted two coats here. first coat was a little transulcent but when the second coat went on, its quite opaque! application was easy and smooth despite it being a glitter polish, making my arduous task much easier..


I got it from for usd11.20 + sales tax with free shipping within the states. they do provide international shipping but I have never tried it though. I think there are also some restrictions on the items available for shipping (due to regulations) so I am not sure if they could ship the polishes to sg. I usually opt to ship to the states (to my aunt) since its free shipping! the only disadvantage is I don’t really get to ‘receive’ them till my aunt/uncles travel back.. but I’m usually in no hurry anyway and they pop back rather often (mostly to clock mileage and to visit my grandma/grandpa.


so yeah. anyway, it looks like I won’t be able to fulfil my 2012 resolution about attending a nail course. I spent a lot of time researching on the various schools, compare their courses and prices in the earlier part of the year.. and when I finally decided on one and was waiting for them to open a new class.. I found out I was preggers.. so I had to shelve that aside. one other reason was also that I could only study part time (once a week) since its impossible to go after work on weekdays (working hours are subjected to campaigns and event launches) and the entire course with take 8 months to complete with 6 hours class every Saturday (12-6pm). it was a very long time, and very long hours. to top it off, I still need to clock practise hours and I eventually decided that maybe I should wait till jerry is much older. I don’t want to miss out a big chunk of time spent with him over the precious weekends, especially since he’s so young. now with #02 on the way.. I don’t even dare to think.


my dreams/interests are definitely going to take a sidestep with this parenting gig that I’m currently in. but guess what? I don’t really have any regrets (yet). I might just take it all back on a day where I think motherhood is thankless. this morning was extremely tough with a super whiney kid and I almost went crazy till my mum took over and gave me a break. I can hear her screaming at a non-stop whinning jerry right now.


oh. the joys of motherhood.