for once in a rare rare chance, i wished it wasn’t raining.

because im decked in my running gear, all hyped up to go for a short run after loading new tracks into my nano for my running and all i got was raindrops popping down from the sky. Grrr..

i really needed the exercise from all that i ate for the last few days. not to mention that there were so many people who reminded me today that i LOOK fatter.

🙁 that’s depressing and quite a change from people telling me i slimmed down recently. BoooOO!

the demoralizing part. i was so busy today that i didn’t have a chance to eat anything till 3.30pm, on some buffet snacks. and while i was trying to gobble down everything to prevent myself from fainting real soon (i was all weakened, sick, cold and miserable).. my ceo came by and told me to stop eating, so that i wont get fat.

and then it is SOOOOOooOOOOO nice to have other restaurant managers and people from other departments telling me the same thing. i can’t believe my ceo also went to tell everyone at the buffet line that the fruits platter is RESERVED for me, and that’s gonna be my diet till tomorrow night.


oh wells. not a very funny joke to me. actually, my mgr also told me not to eat so much, because i am the pageant girl. 🙁

the DND committee also told me the same thing. BooOOoo!

actually, while i do feel a little fat these days again.. i seriously don’t need all those reminders that i’m ballooning again.

bah bah bah!

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