Love the pitter patter of the rain against the aircon, and yup! I’m back in my own room enjoying my personal sanctuary yet again for the whole of this weekend.

The boy had to work yesterday, it was warehouse sale for him yesterday and he had to help out. I wasn’t up to stepping out at all with thy hazy weather so I hid in my own room to hibernate. My favourite activity of the past before becoming a missus.

All I did was to drag my mum out to the supermarkets to do the weekly grocery run (need to stock up the fridge for my daily dinner) and I was craving for some homecooked steamboat. Boy, I sure miss it so imagine my joy when I got home yesterday with loads of food and the rain came pouring down (we weren’t caught in the rain at all) and the cool breeze started blowing through the windows. Perfect weather, perfect timing.

The pouring sky.. Errmm, can’t really see the raindrops from here.

And tadah! My love! Together with my favourite mum’s super hot chilli and Japanese sesame sauce. I could eat this all day long (and I did! For both my lunch and dinner). Really miss the times where I could have it anytime I want (by just merely stepping outta my room).

Anyway, the boy’s flying off to Aussie land tonight.. Grrr. I wish I could go along with him for the week but nah, there’s so much at work and there is zero chance I could even get away at all. I have an upcoming event on Friday night (it’s a party! And lj babes, looks like I can’t do dinner again) and the coming days is gonna be madness leading up to the event.

In the meanwhile, when the boy is away, I am moving back home! Of cos, with the blessings of my in-laws.. Am so excited to be going back to my own room with my personal toilet! It’s gonna be a vacay of some sort for me too! Nevermind that I’m not going aussieland. My room is good enough for now. =)

Of cos, my mum thinks I’m crazy (she actually did say that I’ll move back 2 weeks after the wedding), but I guess she’s technically wrong because I was away for almost a month, but errmm., I’m back 2 weeks after staying at the in-laws by some stroke of luck (the boy’s trip was last minute and he only planned this itinerary yesterday).

And yup, I think you’ll be seeing more entries in this little space over the next one week while I have a lot more me-time with less shuffling to do (between the 2 houses) and of cos, being pampered by my dear mummy (don’t have to lay a finger to do anything now). Woohooo! Ok, I know I sound spoilt here but it’s really tiring you know?!

I wish today won’t end cos I’m so gonna miss the boy when he is gone..

I hope everyone’s weekend was good too!

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