It’s raining. Looking at the rain and thought about a lot of things.. Last year this time, i was quite a happy girl..

Just enjoying myself and healing from a heartache.. A year later.. I’m not sure if wisdom has grown on me.. But i had come to realise that many a times, things are meant to be. Some things happen for a reasons, others? We make them happen for a reason.

Been through quite a bit in the last 2 quarters of 2007. Done many things that i didn’t think i was capable of. Made one of the few biggest decisions of my life. Any regrets? I’m not sure, but seriously, there’s no looking back.

Last night, i attended a wedding. My cousin’s wedding.. His 2nd marriage in fact. I was kinda shocked to know about it. But then.. As i found out.. Things may not be as simple as we think.. They had been together for 11 years..been through marriage, loved each other, but as people grow old, they grow different expectations.. And it’s an extreme ardous task to keep in check each other’s expectations and compromise to keep going. Some couples do it really well.. Some just sweep everything under the carpet and wait for the storm to brew.

My cousin. He wanted kids, the wife didn’t. So goodbye old wife. Time flies and new gf and new wife. People move on. I guess i’m doing that too..

Some things that i have been thinking about of late that i wanted to do something about..
1. Keep my temper in check.
2. Keep moving on and stay happy.
3. Stop looking back and quit asking what ifs..
4. Get my life in order and go get what i really want in life.
5. Learn to be humble.

That’s quite a bit huh? I love rainy days. They make me reflect, think about life, stop and relax and it also reminds me of someone sweet.

Life will get better so long i put in effort to make it happen right? It’s time to head home!

[mobile post while rain gazing @ void deck/carpark]