After a night of late supper, cards and mahjong, i am still very awake.

I have just experienced a family drama over monetary issues. One that i’m kinda expecting, and is also one of e reasons of me having qualms about staying with her. But who am i to comment, especially now that i’m merely a stranger.

Hmmm.. I’m not even hungry. I’m kinda sprouting nonsense cos i’m really bored sitting here with nothing to do and waiting for the procession to start. 2 more hours and it’s time to send uncle on his final journey. I can’t help but wonder, how things will be after today…

For now, only time will tell…


Today is also e last day of the year! I have been invited to 2 house party tonight, and the whole world is asking me where i’m going for e countdown.. Seriously speaking, i’ll be hugging my boi (plushie) in bed, playing at the playground in snoozeland. Else, i’ll prob. be a groggy head, sitting in front of the computer trying to do some work or blog read.

I’m beginning to dreading wednesday already. =)

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