and my body decides to wake at the glorious timing of 6am. i wonder what it is thinking?! i want to snuggle under the blankets and sleep more!

the work week ended with a slightly motivated me. there are much hurdles to cross and some very tough ones. so hopefully, i’ll be able to trudge through the next 2 months smoothly.

today is competition day! my office bowling competition. why am i always dragging myself into this? I had hoped that the boy would be here to accompany me, but he’s in milan right now. what a pity, but i am so glad that he is coming back tomorrow. ITS BEEN SO LONG!

and yup, wish my good luck and a good game. i totally don’t know my team mates other than one of them, so it’s a day of meeting new friends too!

Have a great weekend folks! the weather is gloriously great!

at least much better than yesterday.. i thought i died when i stepped out for work yesterday. the sky was filled with haze and it felt like the olden SBC TV days where the neither world were depicted with loads of smoke in the sky.

footnote: SBC (Singapore Broadcasting Centre) is a TV station in the 80’s in Singapore.

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