Hmmm… The week flown by, and it’s FRIDAY folks!

Staring up at the gloomy skies and the wet morning, i’m loving every moment of it. I love rainy days.. Snuggled in bed for the longest time and i am now risking being late.

Frankly, i am wishing that the week doesn’t come to an end. Work wise, this is such a bad week and next week is gonna be much much worse. I know i can handle it somehow and it’ll soon pass.. But the thought of it…. *shivers*

realised my computer at home is plagued with viruses and i scanned it yesterday and may be deleted some crucial os files. Sigh. I’m praying nothing is gonna happen.. And that my com will work. I will freak out since i have been waiting for the weekends to update my blog.

Am feeling damn bored on the train now cos my ipod is at the “hospital”. I dropped it the other day and the lcd screen cracked! Grr.. I guess i really have no affinity with ipods! My ipod photo crashed and died on me and i can’t repair it. Now my barely-3-months ipod video is down.

I wonder what will happen if i use the nano for my jogs. Maybe it’ll fly into the drain filled with muddy water or something. I don’t dare to think.

Bbq tonight. Am hoping to finish my work on time today. My tummy’s feeling a little queasy. Had got to be yesterday’s lunch. I think i over eat and i came back to the office feeling really pale and on the verge of vomiting. Everyone is asking me to go home but i couldn’t. Sigh. Please let me go through a smooth day today!

Alrighty, gotta change transport now.

[mobile post @ toa payoh bus interchange]