it’s friday and i could breathe the weekend air already!

it’s been a gruelling week thus far, with some intensive work and daily 2hr conference calls. I’m almost calling in dead. I am so so tired and my brains are so fried that all that i could do after work was play mindless facebook games and sleep.

I cannot wait for tomorrow because the boy and me planned quite a bit of activities.

and hopefully, i find the time to load up the pictures. the pictures. i was moaning earlier this week because when i tried to transfer some pictures to my hard disk, my system went into an auto reboot and i lost my entire year of pictures for 2007. and that is the ONLY backup i have.

any idea on how to retrieve that lost data? I believe this is what has happened.

> cut pictures > pictures in ‘virtual clipboard’ > system reboot (system updates) > clipboard cleared > pictures gone.


I tried to google and there are some undelete software that could work, but i haven’t had the time to try. Anyone has any suggestions on how I can retrieve all those pictures? or anyone has had a similar experience?

help much appreciated!

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