and so, if you haven’t already know.. I am back at work since last week. life has been pretty good to me and we didnt have much issues working out the logistics of kids and everything else.


so, the schedule for the past week has been pretty much like this:
– 720am: everyone wakes up. daddy makes milk for jerry, I express milk, bathe and get ready for work.
– 800am: daddy sends jerry to school and waits for me downstairs once he is done.
-815-830am: I bring baby out to my mum if he’s awake or just leaves him in the cot if he’s sleeping and pop downstairs for a free ride to the office (this privilege ended this week and I had to take the train, but hey I aint complaining! its been good while it lasted!)
-530-600pm: the mil picks jerry up from school while we are still at work
-830-900pm: the husb has been coming home earlier, fetch the kid from his mum’s place and bringing him over to mine.
-930pm: change him into jammies and send jerry off to bed.


rinse and repeat.  I think we sorta got the schedule down for now but everything is gonna change in a month, where we’ll move to our own place.  not looking forward to the morning rush really. it would mean just mean everyone has to get out at the same time!


meanwhile, im currently battling a really sick kid, with running nose, cough and slight fever. you know, the full works. my heart sank when I sent him to school yesterday morning (he was still very active) and just when I reached office, the school called and we pulled him out of his class because he is having a fever.


daddy dragged the poor sick kid along with him to work around the island and out (yes, he got his passport stamped too) after his unsuccessful attempts in bringing him to a doc. where are all the docs when we need one?  still,  am very thankful for the husb’s flexible work for being able to part work and part care for him since we couldn’t make any urgent arrangements for anyone to look after him.


and why am i up at this ungodly hour?? because the big baby is super cranky. he barely can breathe through his blocked nose. the little one is also crying from hunger. its so gonna be a tough week this week!


I hope he gets well soon. we have been fighting the bug for way tooooo long, starting from daddy, then me, and both the kids… argh.


p.s. I just had to use the beautiful picture I took of the sky last evening while waiting to see the paediatrician.  isnt it lovely?


p.p.s. why is it so hard to see a paediatrician in sg?? we were there before the clinic opened and the place was already buzzing with loads of people in the queue. we got queue no 15 and waited for 1.5hrs. sigh!


p.p.p.s. my kid is whining non stop and demanding hugs and what nots. looks like I aint gonna get another wink in.