funny how i told der that i must bring camera along… but realised that i didn’t take a single picture of the trip.


haha. i think i was just too tired and because the places that we went were the usual haunts.. my cammie instinct didn’t come out.

so.. it was supposed to be a shopping day. we started it the day off with ah koong (西刀鱼圆面) for lunch. it wasn’t as tasty as the last time i remembered it to be. maybe cos i order the wrong combination (soup vs dry). and off we are to tebrau city.

picture taken from

i didn’t buy anything except a ring and a book from popular bookshop. Am so thankful i brought my popular card along! i was more interested in the nandos they had there, which we faithfully plonk our arses down 3 hrs just after our very filling lunch to eat another round.

i love extra hot peri peri sauce. yums.

it was pouring and we headed towards city square. i ended with nothing again except books! sucha a happy girl lah! i bought some children classics to read (so cheap at just S$3 each!) and also because i finally found the remaining 2 of the twilight saga…

and of cos, this wouldn’t have been possible without my sweet der to drive me into JB and around!

so, my collection is finally complete. except that i do i have BIG problem. i don’t really have the time to read the books (they are all still in their wrappers!), and since i was taking pictures.. i also took a pictures of all my unread books or those passed on from jen.

i really missed reading. am so glad i managed to squeeze time between train rides to finish one book this week. hopefully i can keep this up!

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