on Thursday, we bundled the baby off for his first pediatrician visit right of his life.

because he is in a swaddle, I left him on the car seat and I sat in the back seat to check on him. since it was really early in the morning, I pulled out his legs for some suntanning action.

the good news is.. Jerome put on weight! he was 2.62kg at birth, but lost weight and left the hospital at the weight of 2.49kg. so at 2.75kg, it’s really good news!


bad news? his jaundice level shot up to almost double the levels. he left the hospital at 6.6 but after a blood test that morning, the jaundice levels are at 11.1.


the pediatrician recommended supplementing formula milk first to control the jaundice levels since breastmilk will cause the jaundice levels up and do another review in 3 days’ time. we are to continue sunning the baby in the morning / evening to help bring down the jaundice.

evening sun tan for the baby! I’m loving these suntanning times because taking pictures of the baby in the sun always looks so nice!

looking like an angel here. hopefully, we don’t have to rent the bili bed for phototheraphy in 3 days’ time.


meanwhile, his umbilical cord dropped off yesterday, 9 days after birth.


work hard, my little one! mummy and daddy love you!