And a few days, because I am terribly late with this post.

Time really did fly in the last one month. Before I know it, the confinement period was up and my son turned one month old!

Dear baby Jerry, it’s been an eventful one month thus far!

From your first few moments in life, all stark naked and blood-stained in the delivery room, to having all your measurements taken with daddy companying while mummy is still being stitched up.

Your crinkly bitter gourd face when bundled up, as if you are telling the nurses that you want to be cleaned up.

Mummy’s first picture with you, just at the door of our delivery ward, while we wait to be wheeled upstairs..

Our first family portrait. Daddy looks like he is the happiest person in the world, even though he had the crappy hospital grade yong tau foo breakfast that was the worst he ever ate that morning.

You turned an angel when you were all clean and nice – glowing looking, just short of a halo just above your head. Sleeping peacefully while the nurses wheeled you in for mummy to just stare at you.

You had loads of guests visiting you at the hospital but you are a sleepy one. You slept through all the visiting and didnt want food till the middle of the nights. And when we left the hospital and got home…

You had your first sun tan that evening on polling day, just right outside the corridor with daddy for company. You developed so much rashes on your body, it’s so worrying!

Mummy loves your tiny little feet very much!

We started bottle feeding you the day you came home, because grandma is totally ignorant about breastfeeding ‘rules’ and insistent that we should NOT syringe feed or cup feed you (cos it’s ridiculous to her and totally unheard of) and promptly shove a bottle into your mouth much to my dismay. I couldn’t latch you on cos you were such a sleepy baby and keep sleeping on the nipple, and after umpteen trials and all, mummy was suffering from sore nipples from your angry hungry bites at times and rough pinching and handling from this stupid nurse in the hospital that I was all ready to SLAP.

You never really got back to the breast after, despite me trying all the time and even had you draw blood from me (!). I eventually decided it was too tiring and stressful (thanks to grandma giving loads of undue pressure), so I succumb and handled you over to grandma who happily shove the bottle in your face.

Mummy was really upset and was crying over it and daddy being at a loss because wifey is crying and his mil was insistent, he couldn’t do a darn thing but to try to console the sobbing me.

The first bit of colostrum that you were feeding on via the bottle.

Mummy have quite an obsession on your tiny little feet and little pinky fingers. You came out with very long finger nails that often scratched me to death (major ouch!), giving me loads of scars on my chest and collar bones.

On day 4, we brought you back to the hospital and discovered you had jaundice and we brought back a photo-therapy machine to ‘sun’ you, just so you’ll recover faster.

You look quite poor thing to be sleeping inside it and mummy once accidentally knock your head against the side panels while placing you back cos you were struggling and mummy didn’t see the clear plastic. =( thank goodness you didn’t seemed affected and doctor said it was alright.

Daddy & mummy was a tad worried that you couldn’t make it for the shoot we planned on day 6, but you managed it alright and recovering slightly from the jaundice and we love love your new born pictures taken at the studio loft!

Slowly, you grew on week by week, your face changing every day.

And then you grew fatter and fatter.. And my, look at that double chin! Interestingly, your arms and legs remain rather lean and long.

And before we know it.. One month is up! you sorta lost your “baby” face when you were just born and daddy was a little upset that his baby seemed so grown up suddenly.

Hee. You had a whale of a time sleeping through your party, but even through your naps, you sure charmed all the aunties and uncles, Jie Jies and Gor Gors and everyone wanted to take a picture with you, wanted a share of you and couldnt help but coo to you by your pram side. mummy here was a little frantic with all the different people carrying you (my head is screaming “germs! germs! germs!!) so with the help of gu gu (aunt), we got everyone to sterilize their hands before touching you. you were, however, totally unaffected by the major crowd, the noise and the constant changing of hands that were carrying you and was happy throughout, less a hungry cry nearing the end of the party, wanting to be fed.

But you do know how to play the rules of the game. You were such an angel throughout the whole party, but the moment we got back home, you wailed the house down and demanded to be fed right that instance!

Meanwhile, daddy is definitely loving you loads more, you have officially stolen all of mummy’s kisses from him and mummy is currently deciding if she should keep you at all. Heh. I’m JOKING!! mummy love you to bits too yeah? But please get daddy to shower me with some kisses too!!

More on your party in another post! =)

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