when jerry turned one year old, my cousins-in-laws bought a really huge toy car for him. back then, he was really terrified of it (omg! this thing moves and jerks!!) so we had it parked at my in-laws’ place. jerry only sees and play with it at the corridor when he pops over on the weekends. his love with all things car has since grown so we finally got our act together and brought the car out for a test drive at bishan park last saturday!

i find this sight really hilarious. the car fits perfectly in der’s car boot.

there was an empty car lot beside us in the carpark so when der was carrying the car out, i told him to ‘park’ it so i could snap a pic. totally tickles the hell outta me. well, everyone on my fb/instagram who saw the pic says they liked jerry’s wheels better. someone is mighty jealous!


here’s a video of jerry in action!

father and son, checking out the park!

he was having a lot of fun though the car was mostly controlled by our remote control. he did over ride our controls with the steering wheels but he hasnt grasp the ropes of the accerlator and the shifting of gears yet. a lot of people were rather amused and jerry was literally soaking up all that attention from the bystanders.


the sun was soooo hot and i found a shady area to plonk jerome at while he sleeps away in the stroller


after about 40mins or so, we got bored and tired and mighty scared that the car batt would run out and run into the scenario of having to carry that huge car back to the car park, so der “drove” it back and swapped it out for a smaller remote control lamborghini car that one of the cousins gifted recently. i am constantly reminded and am very thankful that jerry is very much in their thoughts! thank you all, you wonderful cousins!

i wish this was real. lol.

he was initially quite apprehensive about the fast moving car and ran to hide in the bushes.

got over the fear when der shoved the remote into his hands.

truth is, der is the one who wants to play with this car! on its first run, it suffered quite a few crashes, run into the “woods” several times, got stuck at a rock and tumbled down a slope into a small stream in an overturned position. poor car, but it still worked fine albeit a few scratches. jerry had loads of fun controlling the car himself, and im quite amazed!


ending this post with a hilarious clip i happened to capture which has jerry controlling the remote car…..and it come crashing into him and him at a loss and freaking out and falling down and come running to mama. (thats a lot of ‘and’ in a sentence). and yes, if you are wondering..the super loud laughter is der. super nice daddy.enjoy!