this was written a week ago but i wasnt unable to load/post it up here for some reasons.

I’m not blogging fast enough these days. Mostly plagued with the lack of sleep (still) and just so many random chores or errands to attend to. Hmmm.. Why is that when you “think” you have more free time but still can’t seemed to find time?

Anyway, my boy turned 3 months on Friday!

Upgrading him to sit upright on the bumbo. He looks a little lost while in it and loves to shake his head like grooving to the music. Pardon me for the following picture galore! have been asked by several people to share more photos of him!

My little boy loves doing that to his lips. I wonder who he wants to kiss. Mummy maybe?

Sometimes, he does this loud lip-smacking sound to get our attention and it’s really hilarious while he is at it. Like savoring the best milk ever.

Meet mr chubby cheeks.

He loves to turn in his bed. For a few nights in a row, I found him like that in the middle of the night, and still soundly asleep! Freaked me out a bit! He actually turned 90 degrees around.

I love how my hubby and son go out wearing matchy matchy tops! Too cute.

Jerry took his first ride up a public bus! It was a challenge though and a much harder challenge on the way back with 3 huge shopping bags. Never gonna do that again, especially with my mum who think I shouldn’t splurge on taxi ride when it’s only a few bus stops away.

The ever innocent face. He’s beginning to show quite a temper these days and cries when he doesnt get his way.

The day he turned 3 months. On the way to get his jab!

He cried 2 secs later after the jab was done and wailed loudly. Poor baby, but thankfully he didn’t have a fever thereafter.

While we were at the pediatrician. =)

Surrounded by his my toys.

This morning, the last time ever, spotting his long tresses. We brought him out for a haircut today!

I wouldn’t have brought him for the haircut if I weren’t heading to the US. My mum has been saying she wants to shave off all his hair and I’m very sure she will do it when I’m away without my permission. So in order to prevent her from doing it, I had to bring him for a haircut first.

He’s quite well mannered and didn’t cry at all though he did struggle a little while I was holding him.

With the new haircut! He didn’t look too pleased though. Gonna miss my little Mohawk boy.

Gawd. My eyes are closing right this moment but I’m out at an auction dinner and totally oblivious to all the action/shouting/bidding around me. If not for the fact I have to come cos my dad asked me, I would be home sleeping. Gotta head to the airport in a bit to fetch my uncle to pick up some stuff (Japanese peaches!!) somemore. I need more hours in a day and the ability to survive with little sleep!

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