On the second week of Jerry starting school, the school had an excursion! Since Jerry is amongst one of the youngest in the school and is the *new* kid, the school didn’t recommend letting him go on the excursion unless i tag along. I knew the excursion would do Jerry good since i always believe in exposing him to nature (as compared to technology) so i signed him (and myself) up! it is a great chance for him to interact with animals in real life and it was also a good opportunity for jerry to get to know his classmates/teachers better.

i sure did have an adventure chasing jerry down the animal farm once we alighted from the bus.

the first thing that hit me was a strong whiff of dung and for a split second, i felt nauseous and wanted to puke. a few deep breaths later (i know, the irony!), somehow it wasn’t as bad anymore.

we didnt manage to spend a lot of time at the animal resort because half way through when the kids were having their tea break, the rain came POURING down. what a damper for the kids and the rain pelted down relentlessly all the way till their buses came to pick them back. bummer.

nonetheless, here’s some of the picture that i managed to take before the rain decided to visit. when it started pouring, i had a hard time trying to keep jerry and some of the kids occupied along with the teachers (they were sooooo bored stuck at the small shelter, and it was so cramp that some of them had to stand around) so there weren’t anymore pictures thereafter.

him, checking out the farm grounds. fish pond, parrots and a stable in his line of vision.

I had to carry him to make sure he doesnt run off by himself!

gathering around with all the rest of his school mates.

a brief introduction to the animals around (can you spot the hen?), the various types of eggs (chicken, peahen, goose, duck, ostrich, cassowary etc) and the type of feed for feeding the various animals. it was education time for me too. I was pretty amused when she flashed the biggest egg and all the kids echoed “DINOSAUR!!!!!!”.

i thought this was an albino guinea pig but i googled and realised there’s a breed called skinny pig. i found it super adorable.

free roaming chickens.

they’ll come right up to you if you let them.

some of jerry’s classmates (l to r: brian, ian, william) checking out the bunnies

jerry attempting to feed the bunnies. he’s such a gentle boy that he either holds the pellets in his hands or throw them too gently that it falls near his feet and doesnt get to the animals. it’s hilarious to watch him trying to feed.

everybody crowding around the bunnies. some of them are really huge! could you tell jerry is like the *tiniest* in his class?

jerry trying to tiptoe and peer into the bunny cages.

fascinated by the guinea pigs.

goose feeding!

some of his braver classmates that didnt retreat when the goose bit the food off their fingers.

a lovely crown crane.

i found the bird to be fascinating to look it because it is so exquisite.

we were very lucky to catch the peacock spreading its feathers.

beautiful, innit? the peacock only spread it feathers when it wants to mate, but one of the teachers said it is also a good weather predictor and it is going to rain.. (and rain, it DID!).

jerry feeding the gooses in the peacock/peahen enclosure.

checking out a terrapin in the pond and fish feeding…. (yes, its like a feeding session for the kids!)

and getting SPLASHED at! the fishes sure are hungry! the kids got a bit freaked out by the big splash right after i captured this image.

all of them STEPPED BACK and watched as the girl who just joined them step forward (unaware of what just happened).

girl checks out Jerry. haha!

the drink kept him seated for a short while..

and he runs off alone to mount a bike (all by himself). this kid.. *sighs* if you see the bit of the picture just beside jerry’s arms, ALL his classmates are still seated on the chairs having drinks.

he also managed to check out the horse and a marabou stork (not pictured) before the rain started pouring down from the skies.

although it was a very short trip, it was still very nice for jerry to experience animals at such close range and observe them so i thought it was still beneficial for the kids. even more so when the current school term theme is “animal kingdom”. i would probably try to bring him back here again one of these days together with daddy and spend more time with the animals.

The resident parrots greets people with “Hello!” so it would be quite fun for kids to try and have a conversation with the bird..

i also googled the place and found out that they sell pets (i totally have no clue when i was there) so it may be a good place to bring your kids to experience the animals before getting them their pets. I also heard that there used to be more animals but they have all grown old and died over the years (goats, swans etc).

Here’s some information if you would like to visit.

The Animal Resort
T81 Seletar West Farmway 5
Singapore 798061
(turn in at jalan kayu road, somewhere near the esso station)

It’s FOC to visit, and they are closed on Mondays. You can feed the animals with the feed purchased at the stall within the grounds but outside food is forbidden so please do not attempt to bring your own food for the animals. the place is also a bit old and run down so i suggest covered shoes for the little ones but try to have them wear their oldest pair because there are animal droppings all over the ground. its not a very big place so it’s a good place to visit if you have a spare hr or so.

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i totally forgot about this but there is also a golden mushroom farm beside this animal resort called mycofarm. it’s open daily (including public holidays) and a guided tour of the farm is available hourly on the weekends.