It was a tough week. Post full month party, my sweet angel turned into horror. He was back to his cry non-stop, don’t know what’s wrong, super fussy days. I didn’t even have the chance to rest and was on the brink of collapsing from the fatigue of the party AND caring for him.

As if he knew he passed the growth milestone of one glorious month, he jumped straight into a growth spurt and was also demanding to be fed every other hour, and wants to be cuddled all the time. I don’t quite agree to cuddling him ALL the time, but my mum couldn’t stand the crying and took it upon herself to koala the kiddo, much to my mortification.

Now, who is the one preaching not to carry the baby all the time? My mum just swept it off as it’s a different situation. You need to react differently.

Ya right! Whatever she says (it’s changes all the time), so what do i know right?

He has also started sleeping on his tummy for the few days when he is super fussy (in a bid to cheat him that someone is actually carrying him) so my mum plonked him on top of a pillow and there he lies, looking really cute with his arms propping up his head.

I thought he looked rather cute here, like some praying mantis. Heh.

While waiting to be fed. His face has grown so fat!

He moved on and took his first virgin Mrt train ride, because mummy here wanted to run some errands and attempted to lug him out on public transport, without daddy’s car! It was also my first attempt to head out without the daddy but I had my mum with me though. I managed some shopping (getting breast pump spare parts), had lunch peacefully, attracted loads of coos and smiles from strangers sitting beside me and my mum did some grocery shopping and we are back home in a jiffy. Short and sweet, and a good enough attempt, I reckon.

Heading out!

First train ride!

My son gave me a fright as well. There was this one day, he vomited all his feeds. And it was projectile vomiting! I actually witness a rainbow arch of vomit while he was in hubby’s arms. Almost sent him to the hospital but it was in the middle of the night by then, he wasn’t running a temperature and seemed rather happy and wasn’t fussing despite the vomit. We started giving smaller feeds subsequently and more frequent feeds, and monitored him. He seems rather fine other than the fact that he didn’t poop at all. And so, when the big poop came 48 hours later, I was so overjoyed and took a picture and sent it to the husband to celebrate.

Funny how we started celebrating over poop. Parenthood sure changes things.

The little bub’s favourite past time on his ah goo’s lap. Every time my brother puts him there, he stops fussing and will stare at my brother intently till he dozes off. Rather endearing sight and despite complaining about the pee/poo smell that has been infiltrating the entire house and irks my brother to no end (he has a very sensitive and sharp nose to odd smells), I guess he has grown to love his little nephew and started to play with him now.

Kiddo noming on his arms, a sign of a hungry baby. And when the food doesn’t come fast enough.. You’ll get a howling baby with loads of big fat tears!

My boy keep losing his mittens, so in a fit of frustration, I wore his socks over his hands to shield myself from his sharp nails. Haha. It worked it stayed on without coming off and I was really happy to be scratch-free for that few hours without the need to keep wearing his mittens again and again.

Talking about mittens, why are all those mittens out in the market ugly and cheapo looking? I couldn’t find any decent looking ones to let the kiddo wear to bring him out with, the most decent ones I saw were plain, knitted ones from mothercare at $13/pair. Maddness!

My little Astro boy! I should get him some Astro coloured looking gear!

Other times, he is busy being the Cupid. He’s both left and right handed! He can shoot both ways!

We ended the week with the boy traveling out to Msia – rengam! He visited his great grandpa for his birthday celebration, and everyone was seeing the kiddo for the first time. Stealing the limelight from great grandpa, he was the centre of attention and bagged himself loads of angpows. =)

Lucky one, my little boy.. Hope you’ll grow well and healthy!

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