it was a bad headstart for today. i’m now in jitters and i am unable to calm down. i woke this morning with the dismay that i fell asleep last night without my morning alarm. and i am indeed late again. for almost an hr. at the bus stop, i looked for my ipod and the earpiece is missing. i must have left the ear piece on the bed. *sigh* went on to read my book.. and the bus took almost 10 mins to come. i must have missed the earlier one by a minute or half. my face is pale. i didnt put on any rouge today in the hurry to leave the house.

in the bus, i was jolted by a loud shouting! i turned and half expected 2 people fighting, but there were none. everyone was turning their heads. there was a man covering his mouth and mumbling something in a language foreign to me. i went back to my book and it wasnt before long that i was startled again by the shouting. i was so engrossed in my book that i actually jumped out of my seat several times. the mad man was seated somewhere right behind me. i felt kinda scared. his voice was alternating between a highly pitched animated childlike but soft voice and another manly, angry and super loud voice. it’s was like an internal battle between himself and for a moment i wondered if he was schizophrenic. i thought of changing my seat, but there wasnt any spare seats left. it’s really scary and till the moment i alighted the bus, he was still in his own battle, oblivious to the stares around him. i remember catching a glimpse of the bus driver staring too. it was a bendy bus and the madman was seated at the back section. u can start imagining how loud it was.

from the moment i alighted till the next half an hr in the office, i was literally shaking from the event. i have no idea why, but i just didnt feel calm and couldnt be at ease. im feeling fine now, thanks to a designer who popped into my cubicle suddenly and sat down for a discussion that i wasnt aware of and my senses all went into churning something out for him.

in the event of the dengue fever running the highest ever in history, i am so proud to announce that i killed 2 mozzies in the bathroom yesterday. i flushed 1 down the toilet bowl while it was hovering at the water surface and slam the other against the wall. it laid peacefully and very much flatten in my palms. although they both dont belong to the dengue family, but it’s just too bad. dengue mozzies or not, mozzies are still my enemies if they can sting me.

it’s friday! and im looking forward to the weekend coz it’s gonna be such a healthy weekend for me! im heading for badminton right after work tomorrow and wakeboarding on sunday with pei! Whee!! im so excited with the wakeboarding! anyone interested in joining? i do hope we do get to go.. and it’s raf’s bdae celebration on sat nite! i predict party and booze. not exactly to my liking but anything for a fren’s bdae.

i need to watch my back too often and i better stop here. i have photos for more viewing!

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argh! i realised one of the collages didnt get uploaded properly and i am unable to show it here. 🙁 well, will pop them in tonite if im home. everybody, have a great weekend ya?

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