In a cab home right now. My brain literally shut itself down most of today. Somehow, a talk with wei last night just before i drifted off to sleep knocked some sense in me.

I have a new resolution to make. I know e new year’s not here yet, but i don’t have to wait till then, do i? And so, i have resolved to leave e office latest at 8.30pm on e days i have to stay back. No one sees how hard i work at night, so what’s e point?

I want to go blading this weekend.. But my aunt is here plus meiting’s housewarming on saturday. i don’t know if i still can make it cos aunt would be grumbling that i didn’t bring her out. And there’s more painting to be done in my bathroom, windows and doors. Sigh.

Ok. I’m getting pukey trying to type on mobile in a jerking cab. Suddenly got reminded about kenties’s comment on motion sickness. And i think i have just found one bad consequence of leaving early. SLOW traffic on e expressways due to e jammed roads. It’s gonna be a slow journey home..

[mobile post @ cte expressway]