another week just whizzed past like that! gosh. time really flies when u are so occupied.

these days, i keep thinking of my grandma. every morning when i trot down the stairs, the sight of the void deck of the opposite block reminds me of her. when i bathe, she always pop into my mind. even when im in the midst of doing my work, thoughts of her will flow in..

i think i feel quite guilty for not being there much, even though it hard for me due to the undesirable situation that i am in. sometimes, u cant really do what you want to due to “political” reasons. other times, i just super lazy.

my grandma didnt leave me a single thing after she left. not that im expecting her to. afterall, we arent even close. the other day, my mum told me that my cousin cautiously told her to tell me that grandma left her something, and she was hoping i wont be angry.

i wasn’t. but i think it was really nice of my cousin to take my feelings into consideration and have decided to inform me about it before i hear it from someone else. personally, i feel she deserved the inheritance. after all, she was really close to my grandma and kept vigil at the hospital the night my grandma left.

grandma left a few wishes for all my cousins. we had “promised” her that we’ll try to fulfill it to the best of our ability. i dont know if i can fulfill them, but one thing i know for sure.. that particular cousin is for keeps!

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