am feeling really worn out. think it’s a mental drain today trying to deal with everything big and small. i’m just so dead tired.

i feel like NOT DOING ANYTHING can?! of cos, the answer is a sad NO.

left work today with agnes and we headed for dinner at yishun and chatted a bit before heading home. wahha. we are just so three-eight.

it was a little bit of fun and relaxation before i came home to check on a pile of paperwork. it’s gonna be another long day tomorrow and i need to wake at 6.30am. i’m praying that the queue at ICA tomorrow is gonna be a short one. wish me luck. i need to be in the office at 10am for a meeting.

okie. just gonna do some maintenance on LJ and then head off to bed. i just don’t have the energy to blog the many things at the back of my mind.

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