Der & me has been talking about flying kites for ages. I used to do it a lot when I was a kid, with my brother and we used to make our own kites with perfect symmetry that makes the kites fly really high up. We usually loses the kites because they’ll get too high and the string snaps due to the strong winds, but we are always back the following week with newly made kites and new strings.

I haven’t done it in a while and was boasting to der that I’m quite good in kite flying! Lol.

Yesterday, while I was home wrapping my Christmas pressies and der out with his friend for coffee.. He suddenly texted me if I wanted to go kite flying. I thought he was joking, but shortly after, he what’sapp me a picture of a kite and told me to get ready in 30 mins! I was feeling rather tired and lethargic and didn’t feel like heading out but the boy seemed so enthusiastic suddenly. It’s not like he’s much of an outdoor person so I was really amused and told him I wanted to do picnic so where are all the sandwiches? It was really to humour him.. But little did I realise…

He actually drove to the malls and got me some bread, drinks and told me to pack the silly family for an family outing.

O_o I had to follow since he fulfilled all my requirements, so I packed some water, a chocolate bar, some biscuits, all my kiddos (my plushies) and a picnic mat and pop downstairs to join my awaiting husband.

Midway, I suddenly realised that it was our anniversary and wondered if all the fuss were meant for a celebration, but I was prolly thinking too much because I realised the boy isn’t even know it’s the 12th! I knew after the outing because I asked if all that fuss was for a special occasion and he was going.. Huh. No occasion ah! Alamak! Seems like I was barking up the wrong tree!

Looks like the boy just wanted to do some activity together since we have had busy weekends for a long while.

It wasn’t without any hitches tho. When we first reached the venue and while der excitedly took out his kite.. It was an octopus instead of the eagle that he had purchased and he was filled with disappointment so I asked if he wanted to head back and change. He didn’t like the octopus and I didn’t want to be a wet blanket so we made a trip back to the shop to change.

Unfortunately, after I got into the car, I got really sick and went into a vomiting spree and was so sick that all I wanted was to head home and rest, but I didn’t want to be a spoil sport so I said we’ll still head back to fly our kite. We changed the spot this time as the first place that we went was very crowded and hot, giving me a bad migraine.

The second spot was ideal, I hid in the shade of some small trees and put out my mat to relax. The only irritating bit was I had a few kids running very close to me to fly their kites under the trees (fail!) and just running and not letting the string for the kite to soar (another fail) so there’s no way their kites will be in the skies. The parents didn’t teach them at all (the adults also had kites but didn’t manage to fly them up the sky), but I thought there were a few crucial tips they should learn. Still, it wasn’t my place to teach them tho I was rather tempted to help the kids fly their little kites.

The boy with the kite. Our eagle kite is at the top left of both the pictures.

Me and our huge kite.. It plunged into a mud pile and I had to go retrieve it, ruining my birkies!! Argh.

My turn at the kite..

The funniest bit of it all was we didn’t check the string and when der was flying the kite.. He used up all the strings and the tail end of the trip was not tied to the hoop he was holding… So omg! I heard a shout and the next thing I know… I saw der chasing after a tail end of a string. Hilarious! And I was like uh oh.. There goes the new kite!

After a really long chase and some traffic halting moments… I saw the traffic slow down and the train of cars brake lights coming on.. In my mind, I was going.. Errrmmmm… Has it been crushed by the vehicles?!

Some 10 minutes later after the traffic halting moment, I saw der emerging from the far horizon some 10 minutes later with the kite and I only heaved a sigh of relief when he eventually got closer and said the kite was luckily caught in a tree beside the traffic and was damage free. What an adventure.

I didn’t managed to snap a picture of my silly family out with me because I spend a huge amount of time cleaning my shoes and my feet. I also didn’t touch them at all because my hands were all dirty and soiled cleaning my shoes and feet. Thank goodness for the many packets of tissue paper, water and wet tissues that I brought along with me. It was so bad that my ankles were deep in mud and I had to pull out my shoes and walk bare foot! How long has it been since I last experienced that?! Sec school days when I spend my holidays and camp and mud crawls?

We spend the evening chilling while the sun set and the sky turned into darkness, chit chatting about our lives and people around us, munching my bread and helping to clean der’s shoes which were in the same state as mine but better since his were havaianas while my birkies were partially cloth and also just sitting around and discussing how to beat a certain rpg game that we were playing on iPhone.

Without realizing our surroundings where all the kites in the sky disappeared, all the people left, the sky turned dark and the street lights came on and our car was the last one on the streets before we picked ourselves up and packed our stuff to head home.

It was a lovely weekend, and a very nice Sunday in a long long while.

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