the journey officially started at the mcdonalds near my house. staying nearest to the causeway amongst all, the 2 cars decided to meet there. and cos wei and joe was hungry, they sat down to have supper cos there wont be any food for the next 5 hours or so.

at near 6am, after meeting up with anson at the bus terminal.. we had breakfast at restaurant aliff.

the only place in kuantan that serves food in the middle of the night. with a late night the day before and nearly 24 hours of not sleeping, check out my grouchy face! curry maggi mee was what we all ate.

we didnt stay in anson’s house this time, cos he had a guest in the house from thailand. so we had to put up at his apartment, which is abt 26km away from where he stayed. needless to say, he had to guide us there and get us comfortable before he left at abt 8am.

3 rooms for the 3 couples and wei actually choose the master bedroom for us to sleep in. hee. with a toilet, king size bed and a HUGE mirror, everyone pops in to check themselves out before we head out. and yes, it also means my room is the most “re-nao”.

here’s the view from my room. of the breaking dawn. couldnt catch the sun cos it was raining in the distance and totally covered the sun when it risen and covered by the clouds while it hovered in mid air. after freshening up, everyone crashed their beds but i was WIDE awake. not sure why, but i didnt feel like sleeping. spent the time reading my potter book and finally slept while reading.

anson popped by at 12 noon and woke all of us up for brekkie, or rather brunch. here’s where we had porridge. expensive stuff. rm 200+ and serves 7. and we also went there during our last trip. we had steamed fish (the ultimate cost booster) with porridge, vegetables, and some other dishes. not shown in picture, cos i was really busy chomping down the food.

the girls heading for shopping at berjaya megamall while the guys went to play snooker elsewhere. i was a little sore that i wasnt allowed to join the guys at snooker. 🙁 kinda spoilt a portion of my day.. cos i have been wanting to play snooker with the friends there for almost a year NOW!

popped back to the apartment for a short rest in the evening, freshen up, put on our party gear and pretty heels. woot! we are ready to crash the pubs!

dinner’s at hai peng. a friend’s of anson. i love the vintage decor and the posters they had hanging on the walls.. the ayam fish was sedap!

went country ranch pub for drinks and i was so busy playing my favourite british pool that i didnt take a single picture at all! it didnt help when i had to pacify one of the girls when 1 of the couple had a tiff. everyone was tired and got really grumpy when things didnt go too smoothly. i was sad to leave the pub cos the people there were all friendly and i totally enjoy beating the local men in the game. whaha!

cocoloco at hyatt hotel. the most happening place in kluantan. it wasnt that much fun this time. KC & fei mao were both outta town and we only had henry, dr. owin and sanjit for company. it didnt help when everyone seemed to be disappearing and i was alone ‘entertaining’ them. ello?!?!

and so, it was my turn to get pissed, trying to gather everyone together and looking for everyone ard the hotel. annoying, i tell you. and cos i am the ONLY driver available after all those drinks, i dont know what to do when 1 couple wanted to head back, another wanted to stay and my own bf missing in action!


and guess i dont have to mention that im as tired as everyone else. this was an extremely unpleasant part of the trip for me cos i was shouted at by wei at the top of his lungs and slamming the car door real hard and refusing to head home. damn! is it my mistake that i had to drive everyone home? i didnt choose this. and i definitely dont want to be treated like that while i was doing everyone a favor so that they can get dead drunk.

anyway, that’s history. im just blogging it here so someday i can show it to wei. wahaha.

that very night was also the scariest night of my life. in the middle of the night, wei climbed across me in bed and headed to the windows. tot it was weird that he had to climb across me (the toilet was nearer to his side of the bed), i opened my eyes and looked at him. guess what he’s doing?


freaked me out, i tell you. cos he didnt open the main windows, but the side ones (which i have no idea they are there!!), leant half his body out and fumbling with the lever to the other window. i jumped outta bed and held him by the waist, and shouted.. “dear, where u wanna go?!?!”

he didnt response immediately.. and continued fumbling with the lever. i kept shouting at him till he mumbled.. “toilet.. i want to go toilet..”

TOILET?!! out of the window? i pulled him back hard and pushed him into the bathroom, and quickly went to shut the windows and draw up the curtains.

wei came out of the toilet a while later and crashed back into bed like nothing had happened. i couldnt sleep. i couldnt stop thinking if i were fast asleep, i would have found a dead wei by the next morning. while i was shutting the windows, the darkness engulfed me and i couldnt even see my own hands placed in front. and we were at least 5 levels above the ground level, with a forested area right below us before the rocks and sea view comes into place.

my mind was racing and my heart thumping. lying in the darkness, i was scared even. after 30mins or so, i flicked the bed lamp on and decided to read my potter book again. and wei didnt wake again. at least not when i was reading. i didnt know when i fell asleep but at 8.30am.. i was awoken once again…


the bright sun shone in and hurt my eyes. i couldnt even open them. and i had to wear my shades to capture these shots. im serious!!!! drawn the curtains after the shots to grab some winks only to have anson popping by waking us up for bah kut teh!

yummylicious. i LOVE eating. am already so filled up with meat, rice, soup, kidney, livers and bla bla bla. guess what we did? Popped by haipeng for butter filled bread and kopi!

i had the wholemeal bread. and the bun. 2 of the buns. whahah. im seriously glad that wei wasnt put off by my gluttony. and did i ever mention that he told me he has NEVER seen a girl who can eat as MUCH as me. hiak hiak hiak. im sure he knows that i have the innate ability to “eat” any amount of wealth away.

and for the benefit for jontel.. who was having a bad tummy and first time in kluantan, we popped by anson’s house.

this was where i stay on new year’s eve this year. its quite a pity that this time round we had to stay in the apartment. no more mahjong sessions, no maggi noodle cooking, no smelly bad egg and all other funny stuff that happened. at the apartment, everyone is very much shut in their rooms.

and there is a park somewhere near where the apartment was..

there were monkeys roaming all over. the roads, the parks as well as the apartment itself! i especially love the baby monkeys cos they were so so so CUTE!!

wild monkeys they are.. and the apartment below us had their honey jar stolen, eaten and thrown down the block by the monkey who finished it. really amazing that they knew how to open the glass jar. some other food stuff, the clothes and items from the house was stolen by the monkeys and “caught” by us.

the poor household, must have lost quite a bit of stuff. thank god we all kept our windows shut while we were out.

and oh. apparently, i talked to wei abt his window opening act. he say he dont recall waking up to head for the loo. he dont remember a single thing that i told him. but he told me, he never wanted to stay in that apartment again after hearing what i said. scary hor?