Previously wrote an entry that gave a quick summary of the adventures on the 4th day of the krabi trip, which involves white water rafting (mainly), and going on the ATV where i flew off the vehicle.

I’m trying not to repeat the entries so here’s some interesting facts during my experience.

January is not the season to be white water rafting in krabi. the water levels are low, and there’s isn’t much exciting or rapid water in the river. the experience was ‘rigged’ with dam water, so what happens is that everyone get ready for their experience, gear up, get into the boats and wait by the river bed while the organizers open up the dams and the water comes gushing down. you could really see the amount of water coming down!

there were just too many rafts around the area and with the low water, a lot of the rafts were being stuck on the rocks (imagine trying to get OVER the rocks) and we have to bump the boat quite a bit to get out of the rut.

i slid off my seat on the raft a few times, flying into the center of the rafts (thankfully), from impact on the bumping raft experience when the other rafts hit us. the rafts hardly capsized at all, so i guess it’s not a real rafting experience there.

still, it was some good fun and moments shared with the boy.

the ATV was boring in my opinion. it’s only fun for the first 15mins (where i was also riding) but when i switched to be a pillion rider, it was no fun at all. nevertheless, i do think this is one dangerous thing to do if you do not have any prior experience in handling motor vehicles. it’s not easy, i must say especially with all the terrain. i also burnt my calf in the process because engine burnt a hole right through the plastic at the side (where my leg was) and i didn’t know so i was burnt in the process. all the organizers did was to pull some banana leaves and cover over the pipping hot hole and at the end of the ride, i got cooked banana leaves.

took a video while i was riding behind der on the flatter terrains.. didn’t dare to take anything during the rougher terrains cos I had to hang on for my dear life!

and here are the scanned copies of the pictures that i paid for (ranging from 100-150 baht).

i realised my helmets are askewed! head too small, maybe?

the most boring part of the day tour was the trip to the monkey caves (Suwankuha Temple)… because all we did were stand around and watch people feeding the monkeys and take some pictures. we did not (1) pay the entrance fee to climb some flight of stairs to see the buddha statue (2) buy bananas or peanuts to feed the monkeys. even our rafting companions offered us some of their peanuts to feed but no, we weren’t interested.

we just couldn’t wait to get back into the car and urk! just when i was so excited about getting into the car, we realised our shoes had a lot of shit stuck and i had a hard time trying to get it off. smelly stuff!

the monkeys watering hole. i think its so cute.

i love the baby picture! wonders why the baby is black but everyone else is grey.

I haven’t been able to find any information online on the tour that we took and for once, i didn’t take a single brochure home with me, hence unable to provide any company information on how you can sign up for the experience. there were many companies who does the same thing but i must say, this company coordination and service is very good when they switch you around to the various places that you have to go, very much on schedule and very little time is wasted. The lunch provided (at the rafting area canteen) is good and plentiful as well! Totally impressed and the other couple that were together with us felt so too.

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