the last full day in krabi with spent with 6 of our new friends. and it started embarrassingly because everyone was waiting for us while der and me were still in bed! tells you how tired we are from all the adventures that we had and we just jumped out of bed, forgo our breakfast and ready to run to catch the boat. except that the boat is always there waiting for us.

we had a private longtail boat at our disposal and we had planned to go to the 4 islands – tup islands, chicken island, poda island and instead of the usual caves that the itinerary states, the boatman brought us to this island called four islands, consisting of 4 little islands joined together.

headed to the 4 islands first, but the water level was high and all we could see was 4 small mounts of hills and rocks. we anchored the boat and jumped into the water for some fish feeding and snorkeling.

us, happy to be out and kelvin, hafieez and noureen on the boat.

lovely lovely sights. doesn’t it gives you a sense of calmness?

and everyone goes cuckoo at chicken island. do i even need to explain the name of the island?

enjoying all the attention amongst the fishes.

see that jellyfish in the water? it was looming where i was swimming and i surfaced to scream to warn everyone! well, little did we know that there were tonnes of mini little ones swimming around us!

totally blissed out.

really gotta love our boatman. not only he was extremely friendly, he taught us how to identify the various marine life, telling us the names of each, spotting them and getting us over to ‘view’ them, diving into the water and bringing up interesting stuff to let us see. he picked a few huge sea cucumber and asked us to bring it back home.. which none of us were keen and then he picked up a huge sea urchin as well!

he got his fingers accidentally pricked though and it was bleeding but he was still all smiles. the naughty me thought of a way to catch the fishes.. i threw the basket that was holding all the snorkeling gear into the water with a piece of bread and easily caught the tiger fishes that were swarming around in the waters..

tup island was spent chilling around and we started snacking and sharing food. der and me bought french fries to share with everyone and the guide was so good, he checked the price that i paid for and told me that the price is good! kelvin gave him a hotdog bun to eat but he used that to throw into the water to feed the fishes… and i wondered if he didn’t dare to eat the hotdog or what? throwing perfectly good bread into the water! we munched on tonnes and tonnes of potato chips, bread, chocolate, wafer biscuits and sat in the boat, swinging to the waves splashing against the boat.

we headed to our last destination – poda island when everyone was ready. by then, everyone was tired out from all the swimming and both der and me just strolled at the beach, sat in the low tide and chatted about all the things in the world, and enjoying every second out in the nature. that was where i also caught some starfishes and saw a puffer fish in the waters.

check out the rest of the pictures in my facebook album.

when the sun was about to set, we set off for home (hotel) and were sad to leave our boatman behind. we headed back for a quick bath before meeting up with kelvin and evenlyn where we had dinner together, did some food shopping and headed to a nearby pub for drinks and pool.

totally totally chilled out and blissful at the end of the day.

i would so want to do a trip like that again soon!

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