i was a bunch of grumps due to the lack of sleep. i slept at 8am in the morning (to clear my work before departing), and woke at 9.30am for last minute packing, breakfast and all.

for once, der is more gan cheong and kiasu about going to the airport, something that i am not expecting from someone who travels frequently. for me, i just wanted more sleep and nothing else.

i never met the photographer and mua before the trip, so i was quite surprised when the duo came up to us and asked if we were who we were. my god, the waiting lounge was huge and there were tonnes of people, so how did they pick us out from the crowd? my gut feel is my prettily manicured nails that gave us away.

anyway, we had a chat and i spoke to the mua about the hairdo that i wanted and showed her a picture that i secretly shot at the bs. the mua showed the picture to the photographer and they were having some secret conversation on it. later that day, i found out, the person in picture was the photographer’s WIFE and i actually cropped him out of the picture. total embarrassment and i almost wanted to die on the spot when the photographer told me that i took a picture of his wife. OMG.

what a coincidence.

we also got introduced to the other 3 couples that came along to the trip though every couple pretty much kept to themselves for the first day. the day was spent free and easy, we were free to explore the area. der & me spent the day eating, strolling along the beaches, see the sunset, shopping (but bought nothing), indulge in 2 huge cones of haagen dazs ice cream and an huge dinner. met the photographer during lunch and he helped take a picture of us with the sunset on my slr. and that was prolly the last time i touch the slr during the trip.

loving the first beautiful sunset!

another random shot of the sunset.

self shot of us basking in the sunset

ao nang streets at night. reminds me a little of cambodia.

us, with our ice cream. mine’s triple scoops and his double.

we had a dinner so huge that i was so stuffed. so blame me for being greedy!

dinner consisted of a steamed grouper in lime sauce, thai prawn cakes, fresh oysters, pineapple rice, fried kale in oyster sauce, fresh squid salad and tom yum soup. look at the enthusiastic boy eating the oyster.

a shot of us having dinner

we had to ask the restaurant crew to teach us how to eat the fresh oysters that were served as it came along with a whole lot of other condiments, and we just had to try it the thai way. i fell in love with the fat juicy oysters because they were so fresh and huge! it had me bugging derrick to go back every other day for the fresh oysters. it’s 120baht per tray of 4 fat oysters.

we spent the rest of our night feeding mosquitoes in the hotel lobby with our netbooks.

the wifi password at srisukant resort. cost us 50baht for the entire week, you prolly can use it if you are around the area. 🙂

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