after the long work day and surprise! i’m up and about at 10.30am. after 3 hours of nap.

superwomen? no!

i woke up full of grouch! my mobile has been ringing NON stop for the entire morning and the whole world is calling me. my head hurts, im aching all over but i couldn’t bring myself to be angry. only shock. and the grouch is due to the physical effects that i am feeling from my body. i feel like i have been rammed over by 10 tree tunnels (is this the correct term?).

right. so why is the world all calling me on a saturday morning? lynette’s father passed away last nite and everyone is calling me to tell me about it, asking me when i’m going. seriously speaking, i can’t think straight with so little sleep and my head hurts, so i think i grumbled to a few people unconsciously. i don’t really mean it, but i really cannot help it.

and so, for those who know lynette and would like to pop by, the wake’s at 232 tampines st 21 till monday morning.

lyn’s dad has been struggling with cancer for the last few months and i couldn’t bear it when lyn tells me that she can’t bear for her dad to leave and that she wanted him to be there for her wedding. on one hand, its pain, suffering and torture for dad.. the other is the terrible feeling of loss for lynette.

life’s just so vulnerable and i am reminded of my grandma’s demise just a couple of months back.

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