What better present to gift your spouse than your heart? Or love for the matter.

I kinda ran out of ideas on what to get the husband for christmas. He is a rather simple person and has everything he needs and I unfortunately am not able to fulfill his only wants which are all the high end, highly desirable watches that are at least a 5 digit figure. Or a Porsche car.

My husband has got expensive taste.
(yay! It means im ‘expensive’ too! Sorry, couldn’t resist slotting in the comment!)

So while he was on reservist, an idea struck me and I embarked on a love project filled with yummy m&m’s!

More than $50 worth of chocolates.

I bought a love-shaped container from candylicous and decided to put in the chocs to fill up a heart shape within the container in a single color. I seriously has no idea if it’ll work but I tried it anyway!

Loads of colorful chocs. My mum thought I was mad when she saw me sorting in the dark in my room (after I have put baby jerry into bed).

Do you know how many colors are there in a packet of m&m’s?

Six! I think the peanut or was it the pretzel flavor only has 5 colors. And I was a tad disappointed that I couldnt find my usual favorite peanut butter ones.

Before I was even done sorting, my containers were all filling up! Here’s the end product!

If you wanna know, I painstakingly used a spoon and slowly put in the m&m’s to make the heart shape, and its quite a challenge getting the round m&m’s to stay put when I drop them. I started layering the chocs in the background in colors and creating the heart slowly as I fill up the colours. After I was done, I realized I should have seen it coming and just use 2 major colors to create the contrast and keep the other side all mashed up. Would have been a lot more interesting since the contrast here isn’t as good across the various colors. But I was too lazy to re-do everything so I attached a sweet note and called it a day.

I think it’s the best gift the husband got.. But it sets him in a dilemma.. To keep or too eat.

What ya think? Nice?

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