On the last day of 2010, I collected a new passport in the morning.

Just left the office though everyone else left like 3 hrs ago. I tried to clear more work, do my filing (major backlog) and am off to 2 event set ups for the day.

The year sure flew by me. In 2011, I went through a lot of changes work wise, experienced a lot and learnt a lot, prepared for my wedding, got married and now.. I guess in my own personal record book, I managed to achieve quite a bit.

I am going to end the year much much poorer than I was, but I guess all is good and life has been rather smooth sailing.

Guess the only thing that I need to do better is to look after my health and body more, enjoy life’s pleasures more, be more cheerful and stay positive on all things. Someday, I’ll reach that beautiful rainbow at the end that will make everything worth it. Even if I don’t reach that rainbow., I’m sure the journey would have been worthwhile.

Am really thankful for all the encouraging people in my life who has given me much courage and strength to go through all those tough times.. And a nice der who has been really sweet and accommodating and letting me be the spoil brat that I am.

Hopefully, the new year would be better! Happy new year in advance people.. End 2010 with a blast!

Ok. The cab that I’m in is quite sucky. Jerking badly and I’m so ready to puke anytime and gawd, the skies are black and so gonna rain!!!

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