I’m one of the last to leave the office today! Locked the office up together with tay jie and we almost locked a colleague from the 3rd level in the office because she was in the store packing something and we didn’t realised because the store room was at the other end.

And to think i asked tay jie to check if this other colleague from the other department was still around cos i saw her walking around moments ago. The funny thing was, we shut all the lights and had already armed the alarm. The colleague in the store had a different light from the main switch and was not affected when we shut the lights, but she heard the loud beeping of alarm and decided to quickly run out. We were already turning the key in the door knob when there was loud banging of the glass door on the other end. Hee hee. Thank goodness for that.. Else, i think we would have been super guilty about it.

I still had a lot to cover but i have given up hope on lugging work home. More often than not, i doze off before i could start working on it. Besides, there’s quite a few errands i need to do tonight.

Don’t you some times have the thought – why are there so many things to do? Work, house chores, errands. Neverending.

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