Because I’m getting bigger and bigger and bigger.. I become more and more conscious about the fact that the clothes gets tighter and tighter.. It also got me to be more diligent on documenting the daily wardrobe/growth per say so that I can look back in the future and revel in this whole pregnancy process that I have gone through when I’m done with it.

So here’s some of last week’s pictures.

This was Monday, supposedly a drinks night out which was eventually postponed.

Tuesday, slightly casual with my top stretched out and getting a bit too short.

I must have forgotten to take during one of the work days because I only have 4 pictures for the week! Wore the shirt on Friday but the shirt sleeves/chest area was a little tight. =(

Wonder what u would do with all these maternity clothes that I have after I give birth. Sell them off cheaply or give them away?

I think I am stretching all my pre-pregnancy clothes to the max. Lol. This was casual Saturday gear. One of those rare pair of maternity shorts that I found at the spring maternity to wear during chinese new year. Now that I think of it, I prob get to wear it a few more times and it’ll be stashed away! What a waste of moolah.

Mid week measurement of the tummy. I measured again yesterday and it was 39″.. Gonna hit the 4-0 soon! Gawd. This is S C A R Y!

I really miss those days looking like the following and trotting around in my 3-4″ heels.. Would I be looking like that in the future?

Today, I saw a message on FB sent to me a while ago.. The name didn’t register with the face in the picture and I was thinking… Who is that?! Do I know her? After 5 mins of checking out her photo archives that I realized who she was.. It’s scary how giving birth and pregnancy could change a person.

Keeping my fingers crossed. I want to look the same! Really hope I would be.

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