2 fridays ago, after a long work day, 2 poor souls met up for dinner. was so famished, we over-ordered!

the dinner supper lasted almost for 3 hours, more than half the time, i was watching agnes talk on the phone to several people, non-stop. poor girl. can’t even have her dinner in the wee hours in peace.

sometimes, i wonder if we are working or we are selling our lives away. we must react when the phone rings. a tad annoying isn’t it?

but, that’s just my point of view. ok. i am annoyed lah. at the way things are.. something must change.

anyhow, pictures! didn’t take a lot since we both weren’t really in the mood for any cam whoring.

and i got a nagging feeling that agnes is going to scream at me when she sees these pictures. haha.

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