i havent been as enthusiastic about blogging these days as compared to the past. the idea of clicking on photoshop and working on collages is NOT appealing at all. funny how a mental state changes so much of your perception.

to think i used to give up sleep over collages, now i rather ignore the photos and sleep. snapped many random pictures here and there of late, the thought of making collages has been nagging at the back of my mind, but each time im seated at the computer, i so totally want to switch off.

im struggling to make it today, cos i decided i needed some pretty pictures to look at.

i saw this sunset the other way while wei was driving me home on the cte. i think its quite a beautiful sight to soak in.

caught these kids playing with the water and it felt so carefree to be playing as a kid. took me off completely and i couldnt resist but snapped a couple of shots of them. these arent my best shots, it was my second attempt cos i accidentally erased the first batch of photos i took. somehow, they arent as nice… but they’ll do.

ok. i cannot take it already, else i really need tooth picks to prop my eyes open. gotta do a quick wash up and crash. nite folks.. .. *yawns*

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