my household suffered a blackout (make that several blackouts), and we were moving around with torches trying to identify the source of the power trip.


jerry was part of the entire saga and I was rather amused he wasn’t freaked out by the darkness at all. he just followed us around, wanting to get into the thick of action in whatever we are doing, mainly observing and mimicking.


I gave him a torch light and he went shining into everything that he wanted to check out and even went on an expedition around the house by himself!


am mighty amused by his actions for quite a while and hopefully, this little episode taught him a little about darkness and light. 


we are still living in the darkness as I type this. we identified one of the living room lights as the trigger and unfortunately, nothing that we did (disconnecting all the wires) helped in preventing the blackouts from happening again. something is definitely wrong so we left it to figure out tomorrow since any hardware shops or help isn’t available at this point in time.