Never ever leave any personal documents or pictures in other people’s laptop, even if it’s your own husband. Must delete everything.

Well, I haven’t been meddling with photoshop for a long time since my netbook came along 2 years ago. The netbook fast became the light thing to lug around and my laptop kinda became obsolete. I subsequently found it too slow and frustrating to use! Just yesterday, I borrowed my husband MacBook pro to crop and edit a picture for some travel documents and left the file on his desktop and guess what I found him doing couple of hours later?!

Very nice. (%*+~!|*~%\*|$@”#)

And he renamed the file dorae-hui. What?! sister of doraemon issit?

But guess what? I actually thought his mischief is quite funny and got him to send me the picture.

Heh. Yeah, I still love him. (but will find my chance to revenge some day).

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