Life in krabi has been great but tiring. The days are always packed And the islands are so beautiful.

The shoot had been tiring. 2 full days of early mornings for make up and travelling and changing on the move.

Had my virgin try on horse riding, went to the national park for waterfall, rubber plantations to feed mosquitoes, some caves and deserted hut where i had ants crawling all over. Also spent some time like idiots running, jumping around and getting wet and dirty while soaking in the sunset.

On the second day, we went island hopping and I caught a fish for my pictures. Actually I caught about 8 fishes in total. They were too slippery and kept slipping off my fingers before the photographer could capture. I grazed my knee badly because I kept falling on rocks while catching them.

We made a lot of new friends!! There were 3 other couples that came along with us and we all had different schedules and shoot dates.

Kelvin and Evelyn

Noreen and hafiz.

Us, cheeky as usual, enjoying our watermelon under the hot sun.

Yesterday, I finally realized my dream of white water rafting!! The water is not as rapid as what I saw in south Africa and the terrain is not as interesting but it was fun nonetheless. There were so many rafts that it feels more like raft bumping instead and all the rafts get stuck between the stones as the water is too low in some areas.

That’s me, posing with the raft. Didn’t have our cameras so am unable to show the pictures. Bought a picture though, will have scan it when I head back.

We also had a go at the adrenaline pumping atv, conquering the difficult tracks and terrain. Guess what. I flew off my vehicle when I was der’s pillion at the tougher tracks. I was kinda freaked out after that and kept screaming. Was in shock but thankully unhurt. Landing on my hands and I had my spiderman gloves on.

Errmm the photos were a little hazy because I put my iPhone into a waterproof bag and slung it around my neck, protecting it against water.

Okie. That’s all for now. Gotta run and wake the boy up and pack our stuff. Going to the other islands today!! Phi phi islands, here we come!! can’t wait to snorkle and take pictures with my phone under water!!

Here’s another beautiful sunset that I took just outside my hotel.

Errmm. Can I just stay here and relax my life away?!

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