I am feeling poorly, both in health and mental being. visits to the doc has been frequent and today’s visit and a ‘procedure’ landed me with 4 days mc with 2 days of compulsory bed rest. no shopping, no marketing, no walking of long distance, no carrying of heavy stuff (my son included) and just complete rest.


knowing how stressful it can get at home with the hyperactive, sticky, superglue kid that I have, there is absolutely no way I can get any rest at all. the moment I reached home this evening after the visit to the doc, my mum declared that she’s too tired and immediately left the kid in my care.


so, the hubby booked me a hotel room at marina mandarin for 2 nights and packed me off for some rest. I was really reluctant leaving the kiddo behind.. for 2 days!! i’ll miss him loads! but the husband was firm and he’s not entertaining any other of my suggestions. not even my suggestion of doing a cheap budget hotel to save some moolah.


so here I am, alone, lonely and flopping in bed with a nice city view, a huge king sized bed and my laptops for company.

the hubby brought me here, checked me in, bought me dinner and some food to last me in the night in case I get hungry and left to put bub in bed.

my large spacious room. brought my 2 little piggies to cheer me up.

huge bathroom..

with both the bathtub and shower room.


and the best bit? amazing view!

from the flyer to the millennia area, suntec, to raffles city and beyond. I tested my HTC one x with the above panoramic shot. lovely..


the husband said, a nice hotel will make you feel loads better.


he’s absoluty right. except, it gets really boring and lonely and my mind runs wild with worries and I actually broke down for a bit earlier right after he left.


yeah, rather silly I know. and I’m really blessed. regardless what happens within the next few days,and whatever result that I’ll be getting from the doctor for the procedure.. I am thankful for all the care and concern from friends who have asked about me, my hubby whom loves me and spoils me to bits, my wonderful colleagues who were left to pick up after me, and in general, that I still have loads in life to be thankful for.


keeping my fingers and toes crossed for the best result! whatever it may come, I hope to be able to face it positively. I was going to say calmly, but I don’t think I would be able to.do that.


now, excuse me while I roll around in my big spacious bed.